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Automated SAP HCM payroll with BatchMan

Time savings of around 5 working days per month

Payroll accounting is a time- and budget-critical process and is subject to strict legal requirements. Optimizing processes and avoiding additional costs due to delays and increased personnel deployment is therefore crucial. To make payroll more efficient for around 75 municipalities, regio iT GmbH, the largest municipal IT service provider in North Rhine-Westphalia, opted for BatchMan workload automation software when it switched to SAP HCM.

Replacement of LOGA personnel management software

As part of the project, the previous LOGA process was replaced by SAP HCM at a large number of municipal customers. In order to complete the switch at as many municipalities as possible at the same time and in a short period of time, the change to SAP was made with the help of Kommunalmaster, an already distinctive template of Komm.ONE.

In the search for a suitable job control tool, BatchMan from HONICO Systems GmbH met all the required criteria. In particular, the flexible possibility of the tool to search spool files for specific terms or identification numbers and to set them aside for further processing was convincing.

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Industry: Information and communication

Use Case: Automated Payroll in SAP

Advantages: Error-free and without further personnel deployment

Over 100 company codes automated

With the introduction of BatchMan, billing and follow-up activities for over 100 company codes were automated on time and without errors and made available to customers in the Business Workplace. Thanks to the new software, regio iT benefits from time savings of 5 working days per month and clear monitoring. Moreover, all departments are integrated into the process in SAP HCM.

Today, the billing of regio iT’s new SAP customers runs automatically on schedule. Both the actual payroll with the creation of the payment files, as well as the entire reporting procedure and the sending of the created reporting files to the tax offices and social insurance agencies via the B2A Manager are carried out error-free with BatchMan. After the payroll run, the logs can be viewed and checked.

Specific adjustments in the course of the project

After the creation and description of a first smaller process in the context of a POC, the implementation in BatchMan followed. The wide range of the tool quickly became clear, so that further processes could be mapped. 

Although less than 3 months were available for the implementation of all processes, the cooperation between regio iT and HONICO was characterized at all times by the willingness to optimize the specific, customer-specific processes of regio iT for SAP billing. 

Since implementation, an average of 4 to 5 working days per month have been saved through Workload Automation.

regio iT relies on job control tool BatchMan

  • Automate all recurring billing and follow-up activities through job control
  • Elimination of manual input and data entry errors
  • Unique recognition in the spool of transfer data for subsequent processes
  • One-time creation of a company code and duplication with Excel, further time saving when transferring processes to all other company codes
  • Comfortable monitoring and control of complex accounting processes
  • Time savings of about 5 days per month

Compliance and time-critical processes automated as part of the project:

Technical billing:

  • Salaries
  • Remuneration
  • Preparation of payment files
  • Payment file creation

Follow-up activities:

  • Electronic notifications to social security institutions
  • Wage tax registration
  • DEÜV notifications
  • Paying agent procedure

About regio iT

As the largest municipal IT service provider in North Rhine-Westphalia, regio iT GmbH is the ideal partner for public-sector clients: for municipalities and schools, energy suppliers and waste disposal companies, as well as non-profit organizations. With its headquarters in Aachen and branches in Gütersloh and Siegburg, regio iT offers strategic and project-related IT consulting, integration, IT infrastructure and full service in four business areas: IT Service and Operations, Administration and Finance, Energy and Waste Management, Education and Development.

The company is involved in numerous research and development projects as well as nationwide initiatives on new technologies, such as AI, Data Science and Block Chain. Around 630 employees* currently support more than 44,790 clients and over 290 schools and school administrations.