SAP IBP Automation

Get the most out of SAP IBP: With HONICO Workload Automation, you can plan background processes from SAP IBP centrally and control them without errors.

Automate business-critical processes in SAP IBP

SAP Integrated Business Planning (SAP IBP) is a cloud-based solution that helps companies optimize their supply chain processes and streamline their business planning. It offers a comprehensive set of tools for demand planning, inventory optimization, sales and operations planning (S&OP), production planning and response planning.

SAP IBP offers many benefits, but there are also challenges when scheduling jobs. You need to schedule specific tasks in SAP Integrated Business Planning for Supply Chain (SAP IBP) to perform regular tasks such as log data clearing. These jobs are crucial for the execution of processes such as sales planning, statistical forecasting or other business planning processes. They also ensure the error-free and timely transfer of data between different systems.

Unfortunately, scheduling options are limited and require a lot of manual work or intervention. Cross-system jobs cannot be accessed via SAP IBP job scheduling. Here, SAP recommends external tools that have supported alerting, so that administrators are informed in the event of an error and or an error behavior can be specified.

A scheduler or modern workload automation gives users extended functions to plan and control background processes from SAP IBP automatically and centrally.

Advantages of SAP IBP:

  • Demand planning: accurately forecast future demand to adapt your supply chain to customer requirements.

  • Inventory optimization: Optimize stock levels while taking demand variability and costs into account.

  • Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP): Facilitate collaboration between departments and make informed decisions in real time.

  • Production planning: Create realistic production plans taking capacity and suppliers into account.

  • Response and scenario planning: Simulate scenarios for rapid responses to market changes or supply chain disruptions

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Challenges of SAP IBP:

  • Complex implementation: Time and resource-intensive, requires expertise to adapt to individual requirements.
  • Data integration: Difficulties in integrating data from different sources lead to inaccurate forecasts and suboptimal decisions.
  • User acceptance: Complex user experience requires training and change management.
  • Cost: Initial implementation costs can be significant, requiring careful cost-benefit analysis.
  • Limited customization options: Limitations in customization, especially in job scheduling, require a lot of manual activity or intervention.

How HONICO Workload Automation can support your SAP IBP

  • Automation of processes: Reduce manual activities and increase the efficiency of your processes.
  • Improved alerting and error minimization: Close gaps in alerting and troubleshooting by setting up automated alerts and minimizing system errors.
  • Cross-system job control: Schedule cross-system background jobs from on-premise and cloud systems that would otherwise not be possible in SAP IBP.
  • Rule-based planning with special calendar
  • Event-driven jobs

Learn more about how HONICO Workload Automation can optimize your SAP IBP processes.

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