Looking for a modern replacement for IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler?

Smooth migration with HONICO Workload Automation

With ever-increasing digital requirements, many traditional IT automation solutions have become too static and outdated for enterprises. The increasing demand for cloud and hybrid solutions and, above all, scalable tools, therefore requires modern approaches in workload automation away from traditional batch job scheduling such as the IBM Tivoli Workload Scheduler. 

We would like to support you with our products. We have years of market experience in the migration of IBM Tivoli, and support your smooth and cost-effective migration. Whether native in SAP, or in the cloud, we will find exactly the right model for the automation of your tasks in real time. So you can control every system landscape and interface centrally and clearly.

Kunde Honico Systems GmbH

Switch from IBM Tivoli to HONICO

By switching from IBM to BatchMan, Biesterfeld was able to introduce centralized, but cross-landscape job scheduling. The SAP-native environment did not require a change to a new GUI and allows all stakeholders to access their processes.

Diverse search options of relevant core information of the respective processes as offer the departments more transparency and control than before.

Due to the graphical modeling and the high degree of parallelization of the jobs, Biesterfeld found a modern, scalable workload automation with BatchMan.

Advantages HONICO Automation

  • Cross-landscape workload automation and job scheduling
  • Control of on-premise, cloud or hybrid landscapes
  • Can be deployed directly in the cloud, SAP and any other environment
  • Single point of control, single point of monitoring
  • Easy and fast installation, ready to use after one day