SAP IS-U Mass Activities

Our Workload Automation solution for SAP IS-U offers you industry-specific control of mass activities. 

Automation of mass activities for SAP IS-U


SAP IS-U (Industry Solutions for Utilities) is a process-oriented industry solution that supports all services provided by utilities and waste management companies. Industry participants such as electricity, gas, and water utilities use SAP IS-U to monitor their networks in real time, manage prospects, and bill customers.

The application combines a wide range of functions to make processes efficient and ensure smooth operations. Key functions include customer master data management, billing, equipment management, maintenance, sales, service, and accounting.

Mass activities in BatchMan

Automation for IS-U not only offers a wide range of functionalities in the areas of service management, customer service and other functional areas, but has also integrated all aspects of performing mass activities such as billing customers via batch jobs as a background activity. In order to process large amounts of data efficiently, numerous jobs are executed simultaneously in the background – so-called “child jobs”.

The advantage of bulk activities is that operations staff no longer have to manage job by job, but are able to schedule, manage and execute jobs simultaneously.

SAP IS-U Billing Process

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    Advantages HONICO Workload Automation

    • Directly integrated into SAP
    • Graphical representation & clear monitoring
    • Reduction of manual processes to one third
    • Cross-system planning, control and management of IT tasks and processes

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