SAP S/4HANA Migration

Overcome all hurdles in migration to S/4HANA and get a clear overview with Dynamic License Control.

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Before the S/4HANA conversion, gain clarity about the various migration alternatives

Are you about to migrate to S/4HANA and need support in determining the best migration path for you in terms of licenses? SAP offers a variety of S/4HANA migration alternatives. For example, you have the option of remaining on-premise by using Product Conversion* and Contract Conversion. Alternatively, you can migrate to the cloud via RISE with SAP. However, new customers who have opted for GROW With SAP should also look into a solution at an early stage in order to take the right steps.

To determine which migration scenario fits best, it is advisable to seek support from an SAP license management solution to evaluate a variety of factors.

*Since Q2 2023, with the 90-day grace period removed from the price list, all companies that already have one of the materials 7018538 SAP S/4HANA Enterprise Management for ERP customers or 7018105 S/4HANA Foundation promotion, still have the possibility to perform (at least partial) product conversion.

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Analysis points before S/4HANA Migration

Evaluating and selecting the right path to S/4HANA for you requires a comprehensive analysis. The most important elements of this analysis are, for example:

  • Current contractual license portfolio
  • Future product requirements
  • General strategic orientation of the company
  • Number of digital documents
  • Hosting preferences
  • License distribution according to the new measurement metric
  • Existing authorization concept

A thorough evaluation is therefore essential in order to create transparency and prepare you optimally for your negotiation strategy.

In the midst of an upcoming or already completed (reconfiguration) SAP S/4HANA migration, it is important to comprehensively evaluate the aspect of licenses in order to ensure correct licensing and to avoid expensive subsequent licensing.

With the introduction of S/4HANA, you are faced with the challenge of dealing with SAP’s changing measurement logic. The basis for measurement is no longer the actual use of users in the system, but the assigned authorizations.

What role does SAP's STAR set of rules play?

SAP provides its customers with the STAR (S/4HANA Trusted Authorization Review) set of rules, which is intended to support the customer in migrating to the new world. For example, with regard to the new measurement logic. However, this set of rules is often inconsistent and incorrect. We simulate your license distribution under S/4HANA based on actual usage and assigned authorizations. By analyzing these results, we determine necessary changes to your role concept.

Review and correction of the STAR results

Our team of experienced SAP licensing experts will help you to complete the results of the STAR set of rules. Using heatmapping in Dynamic License Control, we can ‘stick a price tag’ on each of your roles and show which authorization objects are not being used. In this way, we point out necessary adjustments to your current role concept in order to avoid an explosion of the HB Professional Use type of your license portfolio under S/4HANA.

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Heatmapping in Dynamic License Control

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    Support with S/4HANA conversion

    Are you facing the challenges of a migration to S/4HANA and need structure and recommendations for an orderly transition to S/4HANA? Our SAP license management team will be happy to support you in this step into the new world, for example with:

    • Simulation of your license distribution based on actual usage
    • Comparison with license distribution based on entitlement-based licensing
    • Suggested changes to the role concept
    • Identification of which role/profile combinations could cause problems
    • Highlighting the opportunities and risks of a RISE with SAP contract
    • Minimal effort when reviewing roles & assignments
    • Identification of unused roles or objects