SAP Indirect Digital Access

Comprehensive analysis of the Digital Access Estimation Note or the Passport Report to determine the correct document volume

Analyzing indirect use and gaining security

SAP’s relatively new measurement logic in relation to the topic of indirect use, Digital Access, requires SAP customers to determine a valid document volume.

Although SAP provides support with on-board tools such as the Digital Access Estimation Report or the Passport Report, it accepts no responsibility for the accuracy of the results obtained with these tools. Once again, the risk lies with you!

Unfortunately, the Passport Report for the measurement is incorrect and the Estimation Report requires its own interpretations and must be heavily revised.

Our Dynamic License Control (DLC) solution offers critical interface analyses, the results are compared over a period of one year and the Passport Report is checked for plausibility.

Bild zeigt eine Beispielrechnung von Indirect Use mit SAM tool

What is SAP Digital Access? What you should know

In April 2018, SAP introduced a new pricing model to simplify billing for the use of third-party applications. SAP counts the documents created within the SAP system by third-party providers. SAP’s measurement logic requires customers to determine the volume of documents created. SAP offers tools such as the Digital Access Estimation Report and the Passport Report for this purpose, but accepts no liability for the accuracy of the results. The risk lies with the customer.

Use and limitations of the tools

The Passport tool requires an update to the latest SAP release in order to contain data. Before the update, the Passport table does not contain any data and a measurement can only be performed after one year. The tool is more accurate than the Estimation Tool, but also has weaknesses, such as not taking into account deleted documents and the lack of detailed user information. Neither tool provides a complete overview of the license requirements for Digital Access. The Passport Report is flawed and the Estimation Report requires its own interpretation and is not a binding basis.

Challenges and solutions for indirect use

It is important to keep in mind that neither tool will give you a complete overview of your digital access license needs so that you know exactly what you would pay for digital access.

The challenge is to critically evaluate the relevant interfaces, compare the results and create “best case” and “worst case” calculations to account for the different commercial scenarios.

Gain security for your use of third-party applications

Bild zeigt Balkendiagramm über indirekte Nutzung in Lizenzmanagement Lösung Dynamic License control

Visibility of your documents

Clearly show which documents are really in use. The Dynamic License Control license management tool gives you an immediate overview of the new document types and their line items, both in tabular and graphical form.

Check for sufficient licensing

Monitor for sufficient licensing: Dynamic License Control naturally also compares indirect use. It checks whether the document creator is sufficiently licensed.

ild Zeigt Software Screenshot Check nach der ausreichenden Lizenzierung Lizenzmanagement Lösung Dynamic License control
Bild zeigt Analyse und Vergleich vom Passport im Dynamic License Control

Show what SAP does not make visible: The creator in the Passport.

Comprehensive analysis and plausibility check of the results of the Digital Access Estimation Report with the Passport Report. Recommendation for the optimal commercial acquisition of Digital Access licenses and valid determination of the correct document volume for negotiations with SAP. Optimal use of the DAAP (Digital Access Adoption Program) and avoidance of expensive relicensing.

Comprehensive analysis and optimization of your SAP licenses

SAP’s Digital Access licensing model is a (no longer quite) new way of licensing the indirect use of SAP based on “documents” as opposed to the standard approach based on users and engines. Use the DLC to identify Indirect Access to determine your current risk position and measure digital documents to assess the level of risk of Digital Access to your SAP installation. Should you switch to Digital Access licensing or keep your current model? Our solution will help you determine the optimal economic outcome and understand your financial risk.

Benefits of Dynamic License Control

  • Measurement according to the Estimation Note from one instance across the entire SAP landscape
  • Provision of the Passport Report, additionally with user analysis
  • Review of the estimation tool and exclusion of directly generated documents
  • Assessment of the extent of the risk of indirect access
  • Price analysis and cost modeling for digital documents
  • Optimal utilization of the Digital Access Adoption Program (DAAP) and avoidance of expensive relicensing.

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