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Neu! Easy Workload Scheduler
Workload Automation has never been easier - web-based for your Cloud

Business Process Automation for SAP and nonSAP

HONICO Systems specializes in Business Automation for SAP and other ERP landscapes for over 20 years. Our solutions enable central, cross-system control and administration of your processes, on-premise or in the Cloud.

Manual interventions are therefore unnecessary and your employees can focus on the essentials.



Automate recurring processes system-wide and centrally directly from within SAP. Reduce manual intervention and error susceptibility to a minimum.

Cloud Automation

Cloud Automation

Connect REST APIs, other cloud interfaces, as well as on-premise with each other for seamless realtime processing. Ensure consistent automation across your entire system landscape.

Infrastructure Automation

Infrastructure Automation

Make extensive file operations and script management directly visible in the associated business process to ensure consistent monitoring and audit compliance.

Looking for a job scheduling alternative to CPS?

With the replacement of Redwood CPS 8 to SAP BPA 9, the free OEM version is no longer offered. HONICO offers alternatives for your job scheduling that can be fully integrated into Netweaver or installed directly in the cloud. This automatically reduces your Total Cost of Ownership.

Alternative to CPS

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May we introduce: The HONICO “Easy Workload Scheduler”

The “Easy Workload Scheduler” from HONICO takes the next step into the digital world: a web application which enables a comprehensive control and management of jobs, tasks, scripts, interfaces, file and HTTP processes on different system environments.

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