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Native SAP control

Central control & monitoring of cross-system processes, such as SAP S/4, BW and IBP (Integrated Business Planning).


Everything under control: Trigger and communicate in native cloud environment / hybrid systems via REST API interfaces in real time.

Managed File Transfer

Secure, automated transfer of files and data through Managed File Transfer, for example, SFTP, SMB, SCP, and SAP Archive.

Remote Skripting

Automated script usage and control, such as Powershell scripting or Bash scripting (Linux shell).

Universal, web-based application

Easy Workload Scheduler (EWS) gives you full control over your background processes across your entire system environment. In doing so, the software seamlessly adapts to your individual requirements.

EWS can be used in the following environments:

  • Cloud environments such as AWS, Google Cloud, Ventus or Azure.
  • Container environments such as Kubernetes
  • Local server environments
  • Control is convenient via a web browser.

Whether you work in the cloud, use containers, or prefer your own server, Easy Workload Scheduler gives you the ability to efficiently manage and customize your background processes.

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Vector graphic shows people in front of dashboard as symbol for EWS function

Central overview thanks to dashboard function

The EWS dashboard provides you with a central overview of your processes, so you can always maintain full control. You can create individual dashboards that are directly tailored to your specific requirements.

The dashboard offers the following functions:

  • Central overview of your processes
  • Creation of individual dashboards according to your requirements
  • Direct access to tasks or processes with a simple click in the dashboard

Thanks to the Easy Workload Scheduler dashboard, you always have an overview and can quickly access those tasks or processes that you want to work on.

Extensive monitoring and notification

Process monitoring gives you complete control over your entire system and service landscape. Each individual process can be comprehensively tracked here and allows you to start processing directly from the monitor.

Process monitoring offers you the following advantages:

  • Comprehensive monitoring of the system and service landscape
  • Traceability of each individual process
  • Direct access to processing from the monitor
  • In addition, you can configure integrated alarms that only inform you when it is really necessary. You have the option of specifying in advance how the system should behave in the event of an error.

With Easy Workload Scheduler, you can be sure that your processes will be comprehensively monitored and you will be notified only when actual problems occur.

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Vector graphic shows man searching for results with remote clock as interface symbol

All interfaces under control:

With Easy Workload Scheduler you have control over all interfaces and can seamlessly initiate and monitor processes in different systems. The system gives you the ability to sift through processes, inform and start automatic recovery processes where possible.

Here’s an overview:

  • Support for multiple interfaces, including: file transfer, command line interface (CLI), REST, and SAP
  • Initiation and monitoring of processes in various systems.
  • Systematic sifting and informing when necessary
  • Automatic recovery processes where possible

Try Easy Workload Scheduler for free now!

The installation can be performed on Google Cloud, AWS and Microsoft Azure. If your preferred cloud solution is not included, you can test directly in Ventus Cloud using a pre-built template.