SAP License Audit Defense

Does your annual SAP license audit require immense internal effort and not lead to the results you desire? We can help you prepare for the SAP license audit with Dynamic License Control

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Advantages of SAP License Audit Defense

  • Detailed preparation for SAP license audit
  • Reducing compliance risks and financial penalties
  • Ensures correct SAP license allocation
  • Optimize the audit process with expert guidance and the Dynamic License Control

How does an SAP license audit work?

SAP conducts systematic license audits to compare the software usage of its customers with the licenses granted to them. There are two types of audits: the basic audit and the enhanced audit.

The basic audit usually takes place annually, while the enhanced, more comprehensive audit is carried out less frequently.

Basic Audit:

  • Focus on products measurable with standard SAP license audit tools
  • Self-disclosure of certain technical data is required by SAP
  • Self-disclosure of business figures is required

Enhanced Audit:

  • Detailed examination of product usage
  • Checking the named user license assignment
  • Verification of correct user licensing

The SAP audit process goes through different phases and usually begins with a notification email from SAP. This is followed by data collection using SAP’s standard license audit tools. Depending on the type of audit, an on-site visit by auditors may take place. Once all the necessary information is collected, it is sent to SAP for review. The final phase involves negotiation, where customers respond to SAP’s initial findings and negotiate any additional license purchases required.

A variety of problems can arise during the audit process, including incorret assignment of user classifications, indirect access licensing, inaccurate user counting, active versus authorized use, engine license requirements, different license terms for identical SAP programs, and customer-specific implementations.

We are here to help you avoid the many problems that can arise during the audit process!

SAP Audit Defense as a service

We perform the annual SAP audit defense for our customers as a service. In other words, we prepare the SAP audit and discuss the expected results with the customer before submitting the audit. This is a very tiresome, time-consuming and risky process for every customer every year.

For the SAP audit defense, our team of experts uses their combined knowledge to achieve both compliance and cost optimization.

Our approach is divided into the following steps:

  • Installation and configuration of the preconfigured set of rules as the basis for measurement.
  • Optimization of the license inventory with the aim of cost optimization and user compliance.
  • Discussion of the optimized measurement results with you and approval by the customer.
  • Creation and optimization of the SAP measurement for submission to SAP

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