DSAG Technology Days 2022 – A Review

For the first time after the Corona break, the DSAG Technology Days finally took place again in Düsseldorf at the beginning of May.  HONICO also visited the convention. Under the motto “New normal – IT is. Recognizing opportunities, unleashing potential”, members of the SAP user group came together to discuss various topics, such as the transformation from on-premise to hybrid to cloud.

What does the theme”New Normal” mean? 

Due to the pandemic, many meetings took place virtually and digital tools were applied more and more. This would have accelerated many processes and turned them into a new reality or the “new normal.” However, companies would still have to catch up in some aspects in order to continue to cover their services with SAP applications, according to Sebastian Westphal, DSAG Board Member for Technology.

The road to the cloud

SAP has imposed a major change on itself with its cloud-first strategy. DSAG sees this step as right and important, yet SAP would not sufficiently support the move to the cloud. “One-dimensional as-a-service offerings do not support the multidimensional challenges in the course of a transformation in customer companies,” Sebastian Westphal notes.

Hybrid scenarios continue to be the chosen strategy for enterprises. However, according to the SAP community, the mix of on-premise and cloud should be favored by an improved central interface for connecting legacy systems to the cloud. This could be realized, for example, by extending the API Business Hub and expanding Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) for orchestrating hybrid system architectures.

SAP Security

One of the many topics at the Technology Days was also the aspect of security. As a result of the ever-increasing digitization, the question was raised as to how SAP can protect itself against attacks and what central information is provided. In this regard, DSAG would like to see a roadmap of the central security products and a security dashboard.

More support for the onboarding of midmarket companies

What has been completely disregarded so far is an adaptive strategy for the midmarket. Appropriate pricing models for all usage scenarios need to be provided more relief from SAP, according to DSAG.

Automation remains a central tool

SAP Business Process Automation (BPA) was a major topic at DSAG. As part of the growing SAP Business Technology Platform, the focus here is on good dashboards on which to build workflows and even bots. As a software provider, we also continue to see the hybrid path to the cloud as an important topic by 2040. However, despite many tools from SAP, there is still a need for good tools to better manage nonSAP and SAP together. BatchMan Workload Automation supports your automation strategy by centrally controlling your background jobs and manages your entire landscape without special solutions and downtime.

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