Success Story Pfister

SAP POS Data Transfer accelerated by a factor 5 - disposition now on the same day

Optimization of critical runtimes of the cash register data

With 1,700 employees, Möbel Pfister is one of the largest furniture stores in Switzerland. In order to be able to carry out optimal merchandise planning, the cash register data of the Pfister stores is retrieved daily. Taking all processes into account, only four hours are available after the data evaluation so that the required goods can be loaded and delivered to the stores in time before the start of business hours. 

After the implementation of IS-Retail, mass tests showed runtimes of between 15 and 20 hours for the transfer of POS data. With the interface processing provided by SAP, the sales could therefore no longer be processed and rescheduled on time. Further hardware procurement was not possible in the short term, so a software-based alternative was to guarantee the implementation date.

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Industry: Furniture retailer

Use Case: Timely delivery of ordered goods

Advantages: Low cost and saving of hardware for POS system

BatchMan saves Pfister additional hardware

BatchMan contains a job load distribution component especially for IS-Retail customers, with which it is determined per SAP instance how many cash register interfaces are to be processed in parallel. By using BatchMan, the performance of the POS interface was improved by a factor of 4 – 5, so that the existing time window is sufficient for nightly scheduling. Pfister was thus able to save on the additional purchase of hardware, and the planned implementation date was met.

Result and outlook

The load balancing to SAP instances was not planned by SAP for Release 3.0F and could not have been realized at Pfister without BatchMan. The project was introduced on schedule and the error rate in interface processing was massively reduced. In addition, the process handling became more transparent for the user.

With the introduction of BatchMan, Pfister not only saved additional costs for the acquisition of hardware, but now has 100% system availability. With BatchMan, users need a maximum of one hour for maintenance and monitoring.


  • Landscape-wide control and Monitoring
  • Integration directly into SAP, no additional hardware or software required
  • Load distribution across SAP instances
  • Error reduction through extensive Job checking
  • Low acquisition cost, fast installation

About Pfister

As Switzerland‘s leading partner for individual and contemporary furnishing, Pfister has been conveying the pleasure of living for 130 years. Whether Mediterranean country house style or modern loft style – Pfister‘s promise is: If you come to Pfister, you beautify your life. 

What began as a family business in 1882 has developed over the years into Switzerland‘s largest specialist furniture retailer. In 2011, the Pfister Arco Holding AG furnishing group generated sales of CHF 611.3 million with around 2,000 employees. 

As the largest subsidiary, Möbel Pfister AG is present with 21 branches in all parts of the country and offers more than 12,000 product inspirations and shopping pleasure around the clock with its web and mobile online store.