May we introduce: The HONICO “Easy Workload Scheduler”

Progess is part of daily business in the IT industry. In addition, the development of new solutions and applications is important in order to respond to the changing environment. Therefore we would like to give you first insights into our new product.

Easy Workload Scheduler for universal, web-based Workload Automation

The “Easy Workload Scheduler (EWS)” from HONICO takes the next step into the digital world: a web application, which enables a comprehensive control and management of jobs, tasks, scripts, interfaces, file and HTTP processes on different system environments. The processes are directly visible and verifiable across the entire landscape. EWS operates both in the cloud and on-premise, so that users have full control over their entire system environment and can intervene in the processes at any time. “Easy Workload Scheduler” enables the highest degree of automation, which transparently meets modern compliance requirements of companies.

Learn more about our product “EWS” and even better: See for yourself and test the community edition

Easy Workload Scheduler