Management Team HONICO

Claus Uwe Hodum, HONICO Systems GmbH

Claus Uwe Hodum, Managing Director of HONICO Group
Claus Uwe Hodum | Managing Director and founder of HONICO since 1999

Claus Uwe Hodum has been working in the SAP environment for more than 30 years and has been a specialist in SAP-Workload Automation and SAP-Licensing for more than 20 years. First, he was R / 2, later R / 3 developer for SAP in Walldorf. As an authorized officer of the Bauer Group, he set up a branch in the USA. In 1999, Claus Uwe Hodum founded HONICO Systems GmbH and since then has been the owner and managing director of most affiliated companies. In 2014, he also took over the general management of SNOW Development GmbH in Hamburg and became Advisory Board Chairman of SNOW Software Property AG in Switzerland.

"In the digital age, the staff capacity is one of the biggest challenges in the transition from on-premise to hybrid system landscapes. Process automation relieves your IT staff by centralized control and minimization of manual intervention. "
Claus Uwe Hodum