DSAG Annual Conference from 16 to 18 October 2018 in Leipzig

The motto of this year’s user conference is: “Business without Borders – Architecture of the Future”. The following questions are the focus of the users at the largest SAP congress in Europe: “Which platforms exist for implementing a digitization strategy? Which cloud scenario is suitable for which entrepreneurial approach? And why are the current ERP landscapes in a dilemma?”

Digital transformation and the speed of today’s technological advances require more than just merging and optimizing new areas of IT. Hybrid landscapes are the present, but in the future digital platforms will become increasingly important. Of course, this increases the pressure on companies, and choosing the right platform will play a key role: Which cloud platforms guarantee the necessary flexibility to the IT? What would such a development mean for SAP? Will SAP then become one provider amongst many? This “architecture of the future” also occupies us, the HONICO Systems. The progress of our solutions in workload automation is therefore expedient.

Meet us this year at the DSAG Annual Conference in booth H2 and learn all the news about our products BatchMan and File & DataManager. Detailed information on the booth with follow. For appointments please contact Mrs. Nefer Lind or make an inquiry via our contact form.

Further information about the DSAG Annual Congress can be found in German here!