Process Maintenance in BatchMan

Extensive options are available in job maintenance/process maintenance of BatchMan for defining criteria for scheduling and starting, calendars and resources.

Screenshot BatchMan process maintenance list view
Screenshot BatchMan process maintenance graphical view

Get cross-system control over your job control:

With BatchMan, you can combine any number of cross-system jobs into one single process.

Using the graphical modeling or list view in BatchMan, you can design your processes to meet your needs exactly. Scheduled time reserves are now redundant because dependencies are kept as modeled. This way BatchMan smoothly integrates into the look & feel of SAP (user view and usability).

Get uniform traceability of the process changes:

BatchMan supports this by a separate change history and archiving and thus meets the criteria of modern compliance demands.

Keep full control over your processes, also in the event of an error:

BatchMan will tell you with alerts and will give you options to fix in the event of a malfunction. For instance, you can fix an error in the system automatically via recovery jobs. This way the subsequent process remains untouched. You can set the criteria for behaving in the event of an error already in process planning to avoid manual interventions.

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HONICO BatchMan functional description - more detailed product information on job automation
BatchMan Functional Description


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HONICO BatchMan functional description - more detailed product information on job automation
BatchMan Functional Description


What our Customers say

“We are very happy now to be using an efficient solution and to have uniform access to documentation for all those involved with the process (specialist department, job scheduling, system support and monitoring...).”

Berlin Hyp AG

"The use of BatchMan has been worth it from day one. With BatchMan we were able to quickly and effectively realize the project of achieving a significant increase in efficiency in the creation, administration and monitoring of our (non-) SAP job worlds with a suitable, high-performance automation tool."

Investitions- und Förderbank Niedersachsen – NBank

“BatchMan has been the trusted batch control tool in our publishers‘ VI&VA and SAP® system environments for many years, helping us to run our VI&VA as a Service cloud solution efficiently.“

Gutenberg Rechenzentrum GmbH

Simple handling and a high degree of transparency in job processing – Emmi processes 33.000 jobs with BatchMan daily.“

Emmi Schweiz AG

“Within three days, all periodic jobs were transferred in BatchMan and the system was live.”


“We found it quite pleasant to work with HONICO; the negotiations went smoothly. We also liked the close cooperation with the people at the technical product support, who helped answer detailed questions already during those first days on site.”

K+S IT-Services GmbH

“BatchMan makes it pleasant to work with SAP. This software runs so smoothly that our users don’t even notice it’s there. It does the job so well without any user interaction, and it has really made our lives a lot simpler. We run more and more jobs with BatchMan every day in good faith."

Hillyard, Inc.

"We use BatchMan as a highly automated tool, thereby allowing us to reduce manual and personnel- based resources greatly. If you can navigate in a SAP system, then you can also use BatchMan. We also use BatchMan as a central monitoring for our SAP jobs."

adidas AG

“After the initial project phase’s success, job scheduling is now carried out at Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank AG in the meantime using several SAP systems, making a convincing argument for our decision to implement BatchMan.”

Westdeutsche ImmobilienBank AG

"We often find functions that are very useful and helpful, but that we never would have thought of. When it comes to BatchMan maintenance, HONICO always pays attention to the user."

Stadtreinigung Hamburg

BatchMan is SAP certified

BatchMan is certified by SAP as an ABAP add-on for SAP NetWeaver, runs on every platform released by SAP and is available for all releases.