Infraserv Höchst migrates from Redwood CPS to BatchMan and saves 40% work

Infraserv Höchst, the site operator of Industriepark Höchst for around 90 companies, was looking for a modern alternative to SAP CPS by Redwood because its maintenance was expiring and its functionalities were very limited. When looking for a replacement, integration with SAP, optimal linkage with the POB ticketing system and cost control were key. So Infraserv chose HONICO BatchMan and can now plan complex job chains across systems, optimize its processes and use many new reporting functions.

The switch from SAP CPS by Redwood to BatchMan enabled Infraserv Höchst to achieve a 40% reduction in manual activities.

Read the complete success story of Infraserv Höchst and BatchMan here:

Success Story Infraserv