Success Story Zehnder

Zehnder's easy migration from Redwood CPS to BatchMan Workload Automation

Replacement for Redwood CPS

Zehnder used Redwood‘s license-free Job Scheduler CPS for their batch job processing. From 2021, this cost-effective option will no longer be supported by SAP, and CPS will be replaced by the paid BPA.

In the course of a subsequent tool evaluation, the Redwood BPA and HONICO BatchMan solutions were shortlisted.

The main focus of Zehnder IT was the ability to map job networks and their dependencies. Furthermore, the job definitions should be transportable across the system landscape.

Erfolgsgeschichten HONICO Kunde Zehnder

Industry: Energy and environment

Use Case: Migration Job Scheduling for smooth business processes

Advantages: Low costs and high degree of automation

The decision for BatchMan

The cost factor had a strong influence on the decision, especially since Zehnder had previously used a free CPS version with limited but sufficient functionality. The existing concept with SAP naming conventions, dependencies, etc., should also be retained and adopted as far as possible. In comparison, the license costs were close, but BPA is centrally operated on a Java server, while BatchMan runs with ABAP on the application server.

For a new Java server, Zehnder would have incurred additional monthly operating costs at the managed system provider, so that BatchMan has already scored here.

All other criteria were also covered by BatchMan: there are also additional functionalities such as checkpoints, alerts, documentation, etc., which give Zehnder more options for expanding its workload automation in the long term.


  • Reduction of the total cost of ownership through integration into SAP
  • Simple, tool-supported migration without additional service costs
  • Increased degree of automation through adaptation to SAP environment (e.g. transport management)
  • Extension to cross-landscape control system

Simple Installation

Zehnder IT rated the installation as very easy and, with the help of the installation guide provided, as well feasible. Since BatchMan know-how from previous years was already available, Zehnder was able to implement the migration project independently. 

By successively starting up jobs and job networks, Zehnder was able to become more and more familiar with the tool and eventually take over the complex objects.

Results and outlook

Zehnder has achieved a great advantage by the transport possibilities of the BatchMan objects into several target systems. With the previous reduced Redwood CPS version, this option was not available and therefore the jobs and job nets in the QUA system had to be rebuilt each time after a productive system copy. No additional login and a familiar SAP GUI interface for Application Manager makes BatchMan easy to use.

The project ran smoothly due to the coexistence of the two job schedulers; Zehnder was able to perform the processing step by step and deactivate it in the old scheduler until everything was migrated to BatchMan. BatchMan was able to provide significant support here with the import tool from SAP SM37.

The replacement of the CPS Redwood Scheduler was carried out successfully without restrictions and BatchMan maps all previous process chains as desired. The savings on a system copy due to the export and import options also saved Zehnder the tedious manual creation of hundreds of jobs.

BatchMan controls jobs in Zehnder‘s ERP system in many areas: such as invoicing to customers, MRP requirements planning, creating deliveries in logistics, order scheduling of the entire supply chain and payment runs in finance.

For Zehnder, the introduction of BatchMan provided a clear benefit in the job chains, ensuring that necessary job sequences can be adhered to and reliably executed to ensure smooth business processes. And all this at a competitive total cost of ownership.

About Zehnder

Zehnder Group improves the quality of life through comprehensive solutions for indoor climate. The globally active company develops and manufactures its products in 16 of its own plants, five of which are located in China and North America. Sales in more than 70 countries are handled by its own local sales companies and agencies.

Zehnder Group‘s products and systems for heating and cooling, comfortable room ventilation and air purification are characterized by outstanding design and high energy efficiency. The group is a market and technology leader in its business areas with brands such as Zehnder, Runtal, Acova, Bisque, Greenwood, Paul, Core, Enervent and Recair.