New HONICO infrastructure partner Ventus Cloud AG

In times of Corona, the digital strategy in the company and how it is implemented is more important than ever. HONICO is also paving its way further and further into the cloud with its products and has found a reliable partner for its cloud infrastructure in Ventus Cloud AG. Together we are working on the next generation of scheduling and workload automation.

“HONICO offers its customers a decisive advantage over competitors through a high degree of automation, in combination with the European Ventus Cloud Platform HONICO offers a unique DSGVO compliant service”, Paul Hauser, Managing Director at Ventus Cloud AG

About Ventus Cloud AG:

With Ventus Cloud AG you can run your cloud applications with best performance and highest security standards on a platform with a transparent pricing structure. The Ventus digitalisation platform offers: Compute, GPU computing, storage and cubernet. The entire platform is based on open source products, thus eliminating license fees and priority tools and databases.

Further information about the partnership can be obtained directly at Ventus: