Webinar BatchMan New Features

We would like to introduce you to the BatchMan and File & DataManager features starting from version 5.1.x. Get important insights on topics such as Excel import and export, order related TVARVs and REST operations. Here is an overview:

Master data and data loading:

  • Excel master data export and import
  • New object comparison
  • BM 1:1 system copy in file for all BM data + all BM variants + all BM SM59 connections
  • Loading TVARVs from Excel

Dynamic behaviour:

  • Dynamic variants (overwrite variants in step)
  • Order related TVARs
  • Joblog, Spool, Applicationlog parser for setting TVARVc variables
  • Transfer trigger files to TVARV
  • Transfer order date to TVARV
  • TVARV rules, maintenance of option/SIGN for select options

Reporting and Monitoring

  • RFC connection check
  • Search in Application Log
  • Job Reporting Extension Fields for Job Type BW
  • Job Overview II for Reporting Jobs with Steps
  • Search help Jobs/Network via description text

Industry solution IS-U

  • IS-U extension for updating additional select options and parameter fields

New FDM features

  • New FDM Operation: REST Service
  • FDM Filename Variable: REGEX (expression,value)
  • FDM Variable: , and
  • Repeat FDM jobs with step selection
  • Alerting on connections
  • Multitrigger (apply one action to all triggers in one step)

Here is a detailed article in our blog: New File & DataManager Features in BatchMan 5.1.1

The English BatchMan webinar will take place on January 15th 2021 at 5 p.m. CET.

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