Centralized batch job scheduling for organizing background processes with the upgrade to SAP

Industry: Industry and Mechanical Engeneering

Use Case: Reduction of time buffers and parallelization of job chains

Advantages: Efficient support for business processing in SAP

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BatchMan Advantages

  • Excellent and reliable job control
  • Determining conditions, such as for the start and periodicity of jobs
  • Versatile options of reacting to job terminations
  • Converting existing SAP jobs into a structured format
  • Jobs run more efficiently because all background processes can be used
  • Reports are automatically saved as PDF file on the intranet

The Decision for BatchMan

Hillyard’s search for a tailor-made job scheduler led them to BatchMan from HONICO. BatchMan covered all the problem areas where Hillyard had had difficulties and also provided the option of saving reports as PDF files on their intranet. And so the perfect add-on program for SAP was found.

„BatchMan makes it pleasant to work with SAP. This software runs so smoothly that our users don’t even notice it’s there. It does
the job so well without any user interaction, and it has really made our lives a lot simpler. We run more and more jobs with BatchMan every day in good faith. We are convinced this solution meets our workload now and will continue to do so in the future.“

Mike Goetz,
SAP Basis Administrator, IS Department, Hillyard Inc.