Central Job Scheduling for EGGER: BatchMan Live in only three days!

Industry: Wholesale and Retail

Use Case: Reorganization and optimization of processes

Vorteil: Cross-System Job Scheduling

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  Limits of SAP Job Control

  • Monitoring or alert messages were too limited
  • Successive, cross-system jobs needed time buffer
  • No automatic recovery jobs, only possible by manual start
  • No event-controlled start dates - only possible through external events
  • Cumbersome maintenance of job documentation in another system

The Decision for BatchMan

Overall, the job control was not sufficiently comfortable and effective, so that the EGGER computer center decided to introduce software from a third-party provider.

In addition to optimizing the processes outlined above, EGGER also wanted to control, maintain and monitor all background jobs centrally. Software with a central approach had to be found for the job control, which had always been organized centrally. Furthermore, the standardization in the data center played a key role in the decision for a job scheduler.


Installing BatchMan went quickly and smoothly by importing the proper transports. EGGER received competent support from HONICO for installing and customizing BatchMan. After 1.5 days of consultation, the software ran as it should and was adapted to meet the special demands of the Egger computer center.

  The Solution

  • Automatic messages in case of processing errors
  • Faster processing through automation of cross-system jobs without scheduling time buffers
  • Central documentation of background jobs to ensure revision security
  • Automatic recovery jobs in case of an occurring error
  • Event-controlled planning of processes