Berlin Hyp centralizes its job documentation of batch processes in SAP Solution Manager

Industry: Banking, Finance and Insurance

Use Case: SAP Solution Manager

Advantage: Jobdocumentation for all Stakeholders

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  • High manual effort in documentation
  • Different namespace between job definition and job documentation
  • Additional authorization steps at the documentation
  • Lack of access to all departments


With SAP Solution Manager as part of the SAP system landscape, there was one application available as prerequisite for central maintenance and storage of such functions and documentation. For the job documentation management in batch management, the “job documentation” function (SMJOBDOC) in SAP Solution Manager lent itself conceptionally. The concept based on SAP Solution Manager was created and implemented quickly. For each object in the BatchMan scheduler, corresponding documentation was created here - jobs and job chains - in SAP Solution Manager.

Aspects in disfavor of a complete transfer directly into job and network documentation in BatchMan included the fact that not all employees in the specialist departments have access to BatchMan, nor do they all have the required authorization and could not be integrated into the approval process. In the new structure, the names of the executed jobs and job documentation now match since further applications in SAP Solution Manager are built on the aforementioned.

  The Solution:

  • Uniform access for all process participants on the documentation without additional authorization assignment
  • Simple, centralized management and control of processes
  • Central and clear monitoring and alerting
  • Simple architecture and integration in system landscape
  • Graphical modeling and visualization of the process chains