Dynamic Variants in BatchMan

Today we take a look at a new feature: Dynamic variants in BatchMan (BM) 5.1., which allows you to store your own program variants within BatchMan or combine them with SAP variants. The variants can be found in the step maintenance in version BM 5.1.

Step Maintenance

Step maintenance in BatchMan version 5.1.

Define Dynamic variant

If you select the dynamic variant, you can use the values button next to it to set the desired values. A dialog opens a list of all entries on the selection screen of your report as a value table.

Values for dynamic variants in step maintenance

Select-Options can get several inputs by double-clicking on the line. For radio buttons please use only one value and set the X.

Definition of individual dynamic variant

Dynamic Variant in the Job Log

Within the job log, you can recognize the use of the dynamic variant by the temporary variant name that is used in SM36 when the job is transferred.

Job logl in BatchMan 5.1.

Use of Variables

In addition, you have the possibility to use variables within the inputs, as you may know from our TVARV system. These are shown in chapter 8.2 of the user manual.

Variables in BatchMan 5.1

If an SAP variant is specified, the scheduler first loads this variant and then overwrites all specified fields with the dynamic variant. In this way, you can have general data maintained by the module consultant, but still multiply and overwrite single values, such as RFCs or regions.